F-18 Hornet
0292ZZ - F-18 Hornet-thumbnail
Weapon Level 18
Card Info
Card ID 0292
Type Run
Kind Weapon
Dice D20 Clear
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Orange
◄ Previous C.O.M.A.
Next ► Radio Controlled Piranha

F-18 Hornet is a level 18 weapon. When placed on a bunny, the owner of that bunny must roll the clear 20-sided die. The weapon kills the bunny unless the roll is higher than the weapon level. Lucky Clover, Lucky Horseshoe, and defense cards can help the bunny to survive.

The F-18 Hornet has two lit pink boxes because it requires the player to put two of his/her bunnies from the Bunny Circle into the F-18 Hornet in order to pilot it. The player must have at least one bunny in the bunny circle after putting two in the F-18 Hornet in order to play further cards with the lit pink box.

A Roaming Red Run card, the F-18 Hornet starts by visiting the first opponent counter-clockwise from the player who has at least one bunny. The opponent may choose which of his bunnies is attacked. If the bunny survives the attack, both the F-18 Hornet and its pilot bunnies are destroyed. Each time it becomes the player's turn who played the Hornet, it moves on to the next player counter-clockwise with a bunny and attacks. If the next player with a bunny is the player who played the Hornet, the Hornet lands and is discarded and the pilot bunnies return to the Bunny Circle.


Image VariationsEdit

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Card #0292
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Card #0292
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