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Cards Theta 01-12, Phi 01-12
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The Quest Fan Deck is a deck of 24 fan-inspired cards added after the Chocolate Booster Deck was released, including the Theta and Phi sets. The Fan Deck is available in the Deluxe Edition, and can also be purchased separately while supplies last.

Theta SetEdit

The Theta set consists of 12 large cards and 4 small cards created by special backers of the Killer Bunnies Kickstarter campain.

Theta 01Celebrity Bunny – Single (Matt)
Theta 02Celebrity Bunny – Quintet (Aaron, Andrew, Joe, Pat & Roger)
Theta 03Anvil
Theta 04Blake Take
Theta 05Bunny and Clyde
Theta 06Furry Wall
Theta 07Jay is Okay
Theta 08Pillars of Gulu
Theta 09Nick Carrot K
Theta 10Steve Carrot L
Theta 11Mysterious Place – 1856 Sheridan Road
Theta 12Mysterious Place – Stone Arch Bridge

Phi SetEdit

The Phi set consists of 12 large cards created by fans during a 2012 fan card contest.

Phi 01Drazi Feud
Phi 02Guardin' Gnome
Phi 03High Rollers
Phi 04Make It Sow
Phi 05Paparazzi
Phi 06Pawn Cloning
Phi 07Sixplosion
Phi 08Transmogrifier
Phi 09Fat Bunny Sings
Phi 10Trip's Trips
Phi 11For The King
Phi 12Ultimate Chaos
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