Red Booster Deck (Conquest)
Deck Info
Cards 0936 - 0990
Features Bunnies, Carrots, Radishes, Milk, Vouchers
Dice D12 Red
Shop Rooney's Weapons Emporium Two Starter
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The Red Booster Deck (Conquest) is the 2nd deck for Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot. It contains 55 cards 0936 - 0990, one 12-sided die (red), and Vouchers for Milk, and Radishes. This deck is compatible with Quest for the Magic Carrot.

Large CardsEdit

0936Red Evil Bunny
0937Red Hypnotic Bunny
0938Red Ludicrous Bunny
0939Red Spiffy Bunny
0940Red Truculent Bunny
0941Choose a Carrot
0942Choose a Carrot
0943Choose 2 Carrots
0944Feed the Bunny 3/3
0945Feed All Your Bunnies 1/1
0946Everyone Feed A Bunny 1/1
0947Egg Slicer Weapon Level 1
0948Hindenbomb Weapon Level 3
0949Grapes of Wrath Weapon Level 5
0950Black Ooze Weapon Level 7
0951Faximilian Weapon Level 9
0952Odd Job Weapon Level 11
0955Bunnies On Film
0956Carrot Exchange
0957Eight Is Enough
0958Holographic Bunny
0959Kentucky Avenue
0960Quindruple Lucky Horseshoe
0961Morden's Metals Exchange – Copper
0962Orbital Missile Platform
0963Rooney's Weapons Emporium Two Closed
0964Scotty Doesn't Know
0966Surly Smelter
0967What The Deuce
0968Free Radish And Milk
0969Half Price Coupon (Kaballa's Market Two)
0970Witch's Spirit
0971Witch's Spirit
0972Everybody's Dead Dave
0973Guardian Angel
0975Shiner Senator
0976Shiner Senator
0977Whiner Senator
0978Whiner Senator
0979Terrible Misfortune (Casting) – Holy Grail
0980Terrible Misfortune (Casting) – Mordor
09811 Dolla
09822 Dolla
09833 Dolla
09843 Dolla
098510 Dolla
0986Rooney's Weapons Emporium Two Starter 3/Level
0987Amber Carrot #33
0988Egon Carrot #34
0989Joan Carrot #35
0990Neo Carrot #36

Small CardsEdit

  • Carrot #33
  • Carrot #34
  • Carrot #35
  • Carrot #36
  • 3 Radish
  • 3 Radish
  • 3 Radish
  • 3 Milk
  • 3 Milk
  • 3 Milk
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