{{{1}}} Booster Deck

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This template takes a color (or an adjective and color) and short game name, and turns them into the full name of a deck. This allows a template to accept a color and short game name and turn it into a link to the deck page.
Markup Result
{{Deck Fullname|Blue}} Blue Starter Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Yellow}} Yellow Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Red}} Red Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Violet}} Violet Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Orange}} Orange Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Green}} Green Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Twilight White}} Twilight White Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Stainless Steel}} Stainless Steel Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Perfectly Pink}} Perfectly Pink Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Wacky Khaki}} Wacky Khaki Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Ominous Onyx}} Ominous Onyx Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Chocolate}} Chocolate Booster Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Sky Blue}} Sky Blue Starter Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Deep Blue}} Deep Blue Starter Deck
{{Deck Fullname|Blue|Conquest}} Blue Starter Deck (Conquest)


{{Deck Fullname|Color of the deck (may be two words like “Perfectly Pink” if appropriate)|Game the deck is from (i.e. “Quest” or “Conquest”}}


Using parameters deck and game set to Perfectly Pink and Quest as an example:

Purpose Markup Result
Link to deck page [[{{Deck Fullname|{{{deck}}}|{{{game|}}}}}]] Perfectly Pink Booster Deck (Quest)
Link to deck page with short name [[{{Deck Fullname|{{{deck}}}|{{{game|}}}}}|{{{deck}}}]] Perfectly Pink
Add to deck category [[Category:{{Deck Fullname|{{{deck}}}|{{{game|}}}}}]] Category:Perfectly Pink Booster Deck (Quest)
(shown as a link to the category so you can see it here)
Show deck image [[File:{{Deck Fullname|{{{deck}}}|{{{game|}}}}}-box.png]] File:Perfectly Pink Booster Deck (Quest)-box.png

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