W Is For Whammy
751 W is for Whammy-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0751
Type Run
Kind Nu
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Twenty-Three Skidoo
Next ► 20 Dolla

W Is For Whammy may be used once by a Player to launch all Weapon cards in his five-card hand at any bunnies in The Bunny Circle.

  • Weapons are launched one at a time directly from a Player’s five-card hand.
  • When the Player has no more weapons in his five-card hand, he must immediately draw new cards from the Draw Pile until he has five cards in his hand again.



  • All the Nu cards are literary references (since they first appeared in a special printing for Barnes & Nobles). This is a fictional reference, parodying the Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries by Sue Grafton (A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, etc). Her W book was not published until 2013, six years after the card was published. Her version is W is for Waste.
  • Note that between the Nu series and the Chocolate Booster Deck, the card lost its exclamation point.

Image VariationsEdit

751 W is for Whammy-thumbnail
Card #0751
Nu 012 W Is For Whammy!-thumbnail
Card #Nu 012
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